The fundamental idea of Geedi is: Somalia should not be forgotten! In a book by a Somali author a telling passage can be found which almost perfectly describes what this fundamental idea really implies.

In an encounter of the protagonist – a woman who visits Somalia and the village she was born for the first time after her departure – with an old man she’s asked what has become of her in her new country. “I’m a writer of books” is her answer. “Then there’s a lot of material here to write about: just take a look around, the stories about your country and about the civil war are here for the taking”, the old man says. Then follows a somewhat uncomfortable account by the author who feels a little overpowered. And then the next quote: “it wasn’t my intention to make you feel uncomfortable. I hope your realise that you as a writer can easily reach the world. You could be our voice. You could tell the world our story, so we’re not forgotten. That’s the worst that can happen, being forgotten while you’re still there. Not being counted in while you still exist.”

Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Geedi wishes to inform people as broadly as possible about Somalia, over yonder in the Horn of Africa, but also about Somali’s in the diaspora. Fled from war and violence, for hunger too, or searching for a better life. Sometimes close by in neighboring countries, but also sometimes much further away in Africa, North America, or over here in Europe.

By providing information about an as wide as possible range of topics (among others about culture, social conditions, political developments, history and geography, social positions and developments over here, personal stories, etc.) Geedi constantly tries to give shape to that fundamental idea: Somalia should not be forgotten! Geedi wants to generate genuine interest and respect for Somalia. In this way we join in a special way hundreds of initiatives of Somali’s themselves: charities for Somalia in different fields or organisations set up for serving the interests of the own community.

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