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Thank you for visiting the Geedi Somalian Newsletter website. This may be the first time you get in touch with Geedi or Somalia.

Please feel free to read our publications. They are all included on this website. Considering that Geedi focuses primarily on the Dutch (speaking) public, the main language here is Dutch. But you will also find a number of articles that were translated into Somalian or English. After all, Geedi has amply outstepped the Dutch boundaries!

On this website you will also find an overview of books. They were written by Somalian authors, and are either about Somalia, over yonder in the Horn of Africa, OR they contain information about the Somalian community here in The Netherlands. The list is of course not complete, but is meant as a further guide to getting acquainted with Somalia ánd Somalians in our part of the world. This is also a further elaboration of our starting point:  Somalia should not be forgotten!

As we like to be open minded we would love to hear your opinion about Geedi, after you have read our website. We kindly invite you to react and hope to hear from you.

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