About us

Geedi is made by a small group of people living in different countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Somalia and England. Geedi resides in Tilburg. That’s also where the initiative for the Geedi newsletter started. It’s built on previous experiences gained with the Hayaan newsletter, back then connected with Foundation Aid Organisation Gowaar. Hayaan was published from 2001 to 2006. The contributors to Geedi, Somali and Dutch, are all volunteers, each one with their own personal contribution.

Prior to the start of Geedi there has been consultation with several Somali organizations in the country. That has resulted into two starting points:
First: an independent position! Geedi is totally autonomous and not tied to any (Somali) organization whatsoever.
Second: Geedi is first and foremost aimed at people who are unfamiliar with Somali and/or Somali’s. So that’s the non-Somali community! However, Geedi is also distributed within the Somali group. This was the explicit request of many Somali’s who were consulted.

Geedi doesn’t depend on external forces and is published without any form of structural subsidies. That emphasizes yet again the independent position of the newsletter. For the shipping costs of the paper version of Geedi in particular sometimes financial support from Somali side is received.

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